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Phone number: +31 651 63 95 82
Adres: Balen van Andelplein 113 2278 LH Voorburg
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce: 91103436

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Derk-Jan’s story

Derk-Jan is one of the founders of Aethos. It is Derk-Jan’s personal ambition to make a relevant contribution to the sustainability of the recycling process of aircraft materials. The Aethos Foundation will achieve this by supporting and stimulating research projects and thereby realizing this ambition.  

More about Derk-Jan

A lasting contribution to sustainability

That is our target!

Aethos supports research and innovation in the field of material recycling from aircraft that have fulfilled their operational life.

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If you are active in this sector and you have a specific challenge that you require a solution for? Just send us your email (link) and your details about your question and let’s see if we can help you.

The people behind Aethos

The foundation is led by the following people.

Founder & Board Member

Founder & Board Member

Board Member
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