Are the remaining aircraft materials being perfectly recycled
after all reusable parts have been removed from a disposed aircraft?


We can do this better, and research is needed!

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The Aethos Foundation stands for sustainable solutions for aircraft materials that are left when an aircraft or part thereof is disposed of. Aethos contributes to new solutions by supporting research into recycling so that aircraft materials will be reused in the most sustainable way. We also support the professional network that is currently tackling these challenges so that every stakeholder in the recycling process can be aware of these possibilities.


Derk-Jan’s story

Derk-Jan is one of the founders of Aethos. It is Derk-Jan’s personal ambition to make a relevant contribution to the sustainability of the recycling process of aircraft materials. The Aethos Foundation will achieve this by supporting and stimulating research projects and thereby realizing this ambition.  

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A lasting contribution to sustainability

That is our target!

Aethos supports research and innovation in the field of material recycling from aircraft that have fulfilled their operational life.

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Aethos invests in research and try-outs.
This can be seen in:

Facilitating research into methods of recycling aircraft materials in the most sustainable way.

Facilitating research into innovation in the field of recycling aircraft materials.

Facilitating research into the environmental effects of recycling materials, including environmental, social and governmental (ESG) reports.

Providing input for laws and regulations regarding the recycling of aircraft materials.

Contributing to a more extensive network where all stakeholder that want to work towards the goal of improving the recycling process of aircraft materials.

Contributing to complex discussions regarding aircraft material recycling, which lead to the best actions to take. We aim to find the balance between elements such as reuse, recycling, energy usage, safety, and cost. This contributes to an improved social debate.

If you would like additionalinformation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

“How can we improve the recycling of aircraft materials?”

That is the main question that the Aethos Foundation tries to answer. To this end, Aethos invites researchers from all over the world to submit proposals for financing a project that relates to this objective. Preferred proposals have both scientific and practical elements such that new solutions can be utilized by industrial stakeholders.

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The people behind Aethos

The foundation is led by the following people.

Founder & Board Member

Founder & Board Member

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