We can’t reach the goal of our foundation without our friends.

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Our friends

This is the overview of the friends that hold Aethos close to their heart.

AELS is active in: 
- Airframe Component Trading
- Aircraft Disassembly
- Aircraft Dismantling

Contact: Johan Vlastuin

Learn more about AELS
TDA is active in: 
- Airframe Components Trading
- Engine Components Trading

Contact: Dion van Hekken

Learn more about TDA
NAG is active in: 
- Aviation Foundation

Contact: Frank Jansen (

Learn more about NAG
Aircraft Fleet Recyling Association (AFRA)
AFRA is active in: 
- Aviation Foundation
- Trade Association representing aviation disassembly
- Recycling organizations 

Contact: Tricia McFadden (

Learn more about AFRA
E-Flight is active in:
- General Aviation
- Research Sustainability

Contact: Matthijs Collard (

Learn more about E-Flight
Simzation is active in:
- Alternative Re-use

Contact: Boy Bruin

Learn more about Simzation
Corendon Dutch Airlines
Corendon is active in:
- Airline 

Contact: Corendon

Learn more about Corendon

Become a friend

If you want to contribute torecycling of aircraft materials, become a friend of Aethos.

We would like to become friends with anyone involved in the complex recycling puzzle that we are trying to solve. Share your information below and let’s start a discussion about how we can help each other. This way, we succeed in creating a better world. We need to have conversations with each other to turn success into a real change.


Every donation is welcome.

With your donation we can conduct research into recycling of airline materials and contribute to sustaining ourworld.
Together we will maken aircraft recycling more sustainable.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you want to inform us about something that youthink is important.

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