Nieske Lith

What is your background?
My background is diverse and versatile! I studied Integral Safety Studies and Public Administration and Organizational Science, which provides a solid foundation in both safety management and understanding how organizations function. After my studies, I started working as a secretary at Scenter. With everything I have learned, I started my own business to support entrepreneurs. By starting my own business, I have seized the opportunity to help others focus on what they truly enjoy while leveraging my expertise to support them in their business activities.

Why is Aethos important to you?
For me, Aethos is important because of the desire to contribute to a better world. The idea of thinking ahead and planning for the future use of materials particularly appeals to me. Aethos provides a platform where I can fulfill this desire by being actively involved in developing long-term solutions for societal challenges. Preparing everything to tackle complex problems and ensuring a positive impact on society.

What goal do you want to reach?
Making Aethos well-known to many people and entrepreneurs is Derk-Jan's goal, and I want that for him!

What is funny to know about you?
From motorcycling to hockey, from ballroom dancing to inline skating, from reading or listening to a book to having a nice meal. I like to be active :)

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