What we do and don't do

Aethos Foundation

We are happy to explain what the Aethos Foundation does and does not do. We want to stimulate and finance research that fits our goal.

It is our ambition to:

  • Increasethe amount of material recycled for end-of-life aircraft.

  •  Downcycle materials that cannot be recycled.

  • Find a chemical solution for materials that cannot be downcycled.

What research we do support:

What we don’t do:

If the detail of a known potential solution is clear, research can be focused on solving that element of a challenge.
Improve the reuse of aircraft components. This is already being done very well.
Recycling of specific materials that are currently not being recycled.
Some components that are attempted to be re-used might not make the test. We can investigate recycling those components.
Improving the recycling process of a specific component. Here, the focus can be on various aspects of the recycling process including cost, speed, technology, andquality.
Some piece parts of the aircraft can’t be re-used during the overhaul process; they need to be replaced. We can investigate recycling those leftover piece parts.
Improving the dismantling process of specific aircraft structures that consist of various materials.
Stimulating alternative reuse of aircraft components that are beautiful in design and very specific.
Overcoming hurdles in terms of legislation, logistics or economics to develop a complete recycling solution that can be used in practice.
During alternative reuse, many things might be made of it. Turning a piece of aircraft into some furniture used at home. During this process, some parts/pieces might be left. We can investigate solutions for those material streams.
Finding solutions that improve the environmental performance of a process without a cost penalty.
Proposing alternative materials and changing the design of an aircraft component, resulting in the component being better recyclable. It is up to society to decide if a change needs to be introduced to improve the recyclability of the product if there is currently no solution.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question or if you want to inform us.

Mail to contact@aethos.aero

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