Aethos wants to support everyone that conducts research into recycling of aircraft materials in a better way. The focus is on recycling of specific materials, components, or sections. Our wish is to especially support projects where the findings and results are freeto be used by everyone. If the researcher wishes to keep certain parts of the research secret, this possibility can be discussed. However, it is encouraged to share at least part of the results openly. If the research has resulted in a successful solution, then it is up to other stakeholders to utilize the results in practice.  

Our preference goes out to research where there is a high probability that new recycling solutions are feasible in practice. It must be research where all elements for success are considered. Apart from the technical side of the solution, the focus is also on subjects such as the economical and operational side. The possible success of a proposed solution must be determined.  

By clicking here we will gladly show you which research topics we think are worth the effort of working on. If you see anything you would like to work on, please make us a proposal. If you click here we will proudly show you an overview of the current projects we support. The results of completed research projects can be found on this page when we have compleet projects. When there are resultats shall we share the results of research that has been done by other parties.

Our aim

As an organization we are open to financially support research into any solution improves the recycling process. Unfortunately, we cannot support all projects. There is a committee that studies the proposals and decides which ones to financially support. We believe the subjects below are interesting. If you have an idea to execute a project targeting any of thesesubjects, please contact us.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question or if you want to inform us.

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